What’s the American Daylily Society?

The American Daylily Society (also known as the American Hemerocallis Society, Inc. ) is a non-profit service organization dedicated to educating people about daylilies, promoting the cultivation and enjoyment of daylilies, and fostering the on-going improvement of this perennial flower (genus hemerocallis). Our membership includes over 5,000 avid gardeners and daylily enthusiasts from all over the world.

The ADS Mission

The American Daylily Society exists to educate people about daylilies, promote the cultivation and enjoyment of daylilies and foster the on-going improvement of this perennial flower (genus hemerocallis). We accomplish this mission through the dedicated efforts of all our volunteers, members, local clubs and staff who are committed to the continuous improvement of our efforts to build support for the cultivation and appreciation of daylilies.

Consider Joining the ADS

Daylilies have been in our landscapes and in our healing communities for centuries. You might think you know what there is to know about our frequently-seen friend; but, with more than 89,000 registered cultivars (cultivated varieties) and hundreds of hybridizers working on its modern form, there is more and more to experience each year.

Daylily - Deep Waters - violet with gray lavender eye
Daylily - Heavenly Bearded Lady - Lavender pink with darker lavender pink eyezone
Daylily - Bowtie Affair - cherry

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