Winter – We Have a Fancy Website

Over the winter this website has been a major focus. We will continue to increase the features and information it offers as we grow. Let us know if you have any feedback.

The online store is primarily informative right now. You will see that all plants are flagged as out of stock / held for increase. We will be updating stock availability and send a notification out on Facebook and our subscribers via email. Please consider subscribing or following us.

Spring – Let’s Get To Work!

Spring has arrived and we have been busy on many fronts getting ready for this season and our plans for the property. Debbie, the tractor, has been serviced and is ready to go for any jobs around the yard. New tools have been purchased to make sure I am too.

Flowers and Plants

Several main beds have been expanded to accommodate the new daylily additions selected over the winter with over 25 yards of loam and compost already utilized to fill them.

150 new daylily varieties have been acquired for hybridizing and resale. Most of the new daylilies have already been planted in their new homes. A few more orders will be arriving this coming week; leaving only a couple deliveries for July.

Dahlias have been processed from storage and 240 were planted in the field while the rest were sold to some lucky locals in the know ;)

Gladiolus have also been taken out of storage and 300 ended up being planted in the field.

Calla lilies also made it through winter storage without any issues are are now all located in a dedicated bed.

The asiatic/oriental lilies did great outside in the field all winter and all of them are coming up strong. They did take a pretty big hit from the surprize frost we had in the middle of May.

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