A Small Farm, with a Funny Start

I originally started growing daylilies by virtue of it being my wife Amanda’s favorite flower. I went to work building gardens and acquiring roughly 150 different daylilies thinking I was creating an oasis for her. A summer or two passes and one day while walking through the gardens Amanda confesses that she actually meant oriental lilies and simply didn’t know the difference at the time. Forging ahead to 2024, here I am now over 600 registered daylily cultivators and over two thousand daylily seedlings of my own hybridization. Without really noticing, daylilies have became my favorite flowering plant. I can’t help but wonder what I would’ve done with all the time, energy, and money, if I didn’t pursue daylilies. It’s intriguing how a new passion can be found in the pursuit of known ones. Leveraging the poetic words of Max Müller, “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and a man cannot live without love”.

What are our goals for Dooley Gardens?

Our primary focus is to introduce new daylily plants that are strong, Maine winter hardy, and blooms that inspire creativity, and maybe even a little love. Although daylilies are our favorite, we do grow several other flowering plants.

Let’s take a stroll through a floral year!

Our spring season begins with allium, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth racing the melting snow to be the first to bloom. The fragrance and intensity of these inaugural blooms invigorate and motivate as we leave the black and white of winter behind.

Early summer comes with a burst of color as we begin our daylily season, which peaks in intensity in June/July. The daylily beds are a joy to walk through with the variety and quantity of blooms shining with colors and forms. Meanwhile, the calla lilies are fanning beautiful variegated leaves and showcasing blooms of pink, purple, white, and magenta.

The gladiolus are raising their swords to the sky as they prepare to peacock. We love the gladiolus and frankly think the world is a better place knowing baby gladiolus are called cormlets. Our asiatic and oriental lilies stand tall and burst with giant blooms that pour intoxicating fragrances throughout the yard.

Our dahlias tirelessly produce blooms from midsummer to the first hard frost in Oct/Nov. They will undoubtedly be shrouded in ice for a short-lived moment of of extended beauty. Blooms covered in tiny crystals that shimmer as you pass by. It’s a brief amplified moment of beauty before they die-back and we dig them up for winter storage.

Patrick Dooley working on Gladiolus

Patrick harvesting Gladiolus

Dooley Family setting up the Fresh Cut Flower Stand – Dooley Gardens

Dooley Family setting up the Fresh Cut Flower Stand - Dooley Gardens

Isaac in the Garden

Isaac in the Garden

Amanda in the Garden

Amanda in the Garden

Belle in the Garden

Belle in the Garden

Get all the daylilies you need for spring, summer, and fall season.